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Prof. Yaniv Shani

Researcher & Scientist at Coller School of Management, Tel Aviv University


About Me

My research focuses on how counterfactual emotions, anticipated or experienced, influence and bias behavioral choices. My research on information search identifies reasons that motivate people to search for useless information (e.g., why consumers compare prices of products purchased a while ago). My research about the psychological principles underpinning consumers’ economic behaviors, examines the repercussions of inserting an economic transaction mindset into a social relationship (i.e., mixing money and friendship). Finally, I seek to unravel the link between self-deception proclivities and consumers’ choices and explain how consumers justify the purchase of products they do not really need.


Selected Publication

Misaligned mindsets between borrowers and lenders of small interpersonal loans (Coby Morvinski & Yaniv Shani)



• Borrowers of small interpersonal loans think they should repay monies that lenders do not expect them to repay.

• Borrowers of small interpersonal loans operate under exchange mindset and lenders operate under communal mindset.

• Paradoxically, lenders (vs. borrowers) hold stronger memories of interpersonal loaning incidences.

• The loan-repayment expectation gap may explain why many small interpersonal loans remain unpaid

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